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17 Made In Chelsea Snapchat Usernames You Need (In The Order Of Who We Most Want To Drink A Pint With)

17 Made In Chelsea Snapchat Usernames You Need (In The Order Of Who We Most Want To Drink A Pint With)

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Can’t get enough of the super shiny, biscuit-company-owning, brunch-loving, boyfriend-sharing SW 3 gang who dominate the E4 channel (and our lunch break conversations)? Do you think ‘the one episode a week’ thing is a BLOODY outcry? If you were in that meeting room would you have raised your hand and suggested that Made in Chelsea is soOo fab, that it should be 24/7 like Big Brother back in the good ole days complete with the soundtrack of birds twittering in the background just in case someone dropped the F-bomb??

If you have even toyed with answer ‘yes’, then following the MIC cast on Snapchat is a marvellous idea indeed. 

Here are the Made in Chelsea cast's Snapchat usernames in all their glory - ordered from worst to best on the basis of  'how much we would we want to spend our Friday evening's with them, sozzled in The Crown clinking a glass or two of Peroni'.

17. James Dunmore

Username @jd6490 

Note: If Lucy Watson ever found out (which, given her track record, most definitely), our head would be found severed on a stick and used to hang her guest's coats and fedora hats. 

16. Victoria Baker-Harber

Username @VictoriaBH1

Note: She is terrifying and would probably throw said Peroni all over us because our nails didn't match our handbag.  

15. Hugo Tayler  

Username @hugo.tayler

Note: He is back with Millie Mack smoochin' her on extravagant holiday's and as much as we love her, he would definitely find a way to mention her eeeeevery 20 seconds. 

14. Lucy Watson

Username @imlucywatson 

Note: Lucy would call us up on that time when we were 13 and lied to our science teacher about losing our homework. 

13. Alik Alfus

Username @alikalfus

Note: He is very meh, I think. Just meh. 

12. Millie Wilkinson

Username @milliewilkinson  

11. Alex Mytton

Username  @Alex_Mytton

10. Stevie Johnson 

Username @StevieJohnson23 

9. Nicola Hughes

Username @nicolamhughes 

8. Tiffany Watson 

Username @Tiffanywatson04

7. Proudlock

Username @proudlockoliver

6. Sam Thompson

Username @samdecourcyt  

 5. Stephanie Pratt

Username @protsky

Note: Friday evening drinks would probably have us invited to her next trip to the Maldives

4. Louise Thompson

Username @louisethompson 

 Note: Her impressively mental wardrobe is to die for. 

3. Jamie Laing

Username  @jamielaing

 Note: We want a massive teddy. 

2. Toff  

Username @Georgiatoffolo

Note: How cute is Toff? Aaaaaaah.  

1. Jessica Woodley

Username @jessicaannewood

Note: She is definitely someone we would wanna hang out with IRL and we recks she would make a great drinking partner. 

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