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Shameless Objectification: Jack Kilmer

The Debrief: Look, we know he looks young, but that's just his excellent actor-royalty genes...

Remember Val Kilmer before he got… husky? He was really freaking hot. Don’t believe me? Put that copy of Top Gun down and check him out in Willow. Not only did he look hot and fairly swashbuckling, it was also the start of his union with co-star Joanne Whalley, with whom he had son Jack. Who, incidentally isn’t even slightly husky. But he baby-faced acting royalty, who seems determined to carve out a career as "A Serious Actor."

To be fair, Jack seems to take after his mother in the looks department – all red hair and ethereal, slightly androgynous features. As a young actor, he’s also getting kudos for making some pretty interesting career choices – he made his acting debut with James Franco and Emma Roberts in Palo Alto and is currently working on new film Aaron Baby Superfecta where he’ll play a lovelorn hermaphrodite (possibly) opposite Elle Fanning. ‘It's about kids in love’ he told Interview magazine, ‘but it's more complicated than that.’ Basically, everyone thinks he’s set to be the new Robert Pattinson, only without the Twilight-shaped career millstone round his neck and the stroppy, vampire bothering ex-girlfriend (sorrynotsorry Twihards). Or Nicholas Hoult without the unfortunate Badly Drawn Boy connotations.

Vital Statistics

From: LA, where all the acting royalty (and the Kardashians) reside. 

Significant Other? Rumour has it he’s having a ‘low-key romance’ with Elle Fanning. We’re not buying it though…

Things We Love About Him:

He says acting has bought him closer to his dad, who always told him to ‘just be respectful’ (his dad also had a cameo on Palo Alto. ‘We can relate on a whole other level,’ he says. ‘It was exciting to read a script with him.’

His acting debut Palo Alto is based on a collection of short stories by the ultimate multitasker - James Franco.

He's proving himself to be a rare thing in Hollywood - a junior member of an acting dynasty who can actually act - 'he's got great taste and his own unique sensibility,' said Gia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford, who directed him in Palto Alto.

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