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Selena Gomez Presents Award To Amy Schumer. It\\\\\\\'s Adorable.

Selena Gomez Presents Award To Amy Schumer. It's Adorable.

The Debrief: 'Amy, you've inspired me not to take myself too seriously when I sit on my couch and I'm depressed about certain things'

If we had to present anything to Amy Schumer, we'd probably fangirl so hard it'd be difficult to complete the fairly simple task of putting an award in her hands. When Selena Gomez gave the comedian/actress a Hollywood Film Award, her presenting speech was totally adorable. Fangirly, yes, but in the best way. 

'I talk about her obsessively,' Selena said. 'I've Tweeted her often. I try to impersonate her and it doesn't really work. I actually just met her so basically what I'm saying is I'm really happy that clearly Jennifer Lawrence wasn't able to do this tonight because I love you.

'Amy, you've inspired me not take myself too seriously when I sit on my couch and I'm depressed about certain things. You constantly made me feel I'm a bad ass, even though most of the time I'm not. You say the things I wish I could say and you never ever make feel bad about anything I do in my personal life. ' 

Aww. When Amy went to collect her gong – the Comedy – she clarified: 'I didn't even ask Jen – Selena, you were my first choice... There are so many amazing women like Selena, who's like, “You know what? I’m going to be confident and I’m going to live to my potential and be really proud of my work and not fit into the mould that is so dated that we’ve been supposed to fit in the whole time."' 

She then went on to thank Plan B (the morning-after pill) and refer to herself as a Cabbage Patch Kid, before announcing: 'I’m also a sister and a daughter and a friend and an activist and a feminist, and a f***ing bada**. You can be all of those things.'

Our love for Amy knows no bounds. 

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