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Sam Smith Sings Beyonce In The Shower And It's Obviously Amazing

The Debrief: The crooner's boyfriend shared his shower-warbling with the world…

If you’re about to jump in the shower (be it an actual shower or just the rain that seems to have apocalyptically descended on the country) and want to sing a little ditty, make sure to sing Beyoncé. And, make sure to learn from Sam Smith.


The crooner, who’s a big fan of Bey (we actually sat behind him at one of Beyoncé's London gigs earlier this year!) was belting out Drunk In Love in the shower when his boyfriend, Jonathan Ziedel decided to film it (outside the door).

We figure Sam’s OK with Jonathan uploading the video to Instagram because a) he sings like an angel and b) Jonathan’s so ridiculously pretty we’d forgive him quite a lot and c) the world needs to know how to sing Beyoncé in the shower.


sam or bey? @samsmithworld @therickilee

A video posted by Jongo (@kidjongo) on Jan 7, 2015 at 10:08am PST


Sam’s tips? Well, from what we gather, sing as slowly as you like, adding in as many different notes as you like (paying homage to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey gets you bonus points) and belt it out so it can be heard through a door.

You can probably sing loads of other songs beautifully in this way, but stick with Beyoncé for the kudos, because being a little bit Beyoncé is pretty good going:

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