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Ryan Gosling Pens Open Letter About Caged Chickens. Wins Our Hearts

Ryan Gosling Pens Open Letter About Caged Chickens. Wins Our Hearts

The Debrief: Ryan Gosling: man of the farmyard animals.

Hey girl, free range eggs should be available to all and it's not acceptable to continue selling eggs from chickens who have been caged. This is basically what Ryan Gosling has stated in an open letter to Costco, presumably in a bid to cement his place as Man Of Our Hearts And Minds since his position has been recently rivalled by Chris Pratt. Obviously we're joking, the man really believes in animal rights and we salute him for it. 

'I am writing today about the recent undercover investigation conducted by my friends at The Humane Society of the United States at a Costco egg supplier,' he writes. 'Video footage revealed abhorrent cruelty including rows upon rows of birds confined in filth-laden cages with the mummified corpses of their cage-mates—eating, sleeping, defecating, and laying eggs on top of dead birds—and hens' wings, legs, and necks trapped in the corroded wires of their battery cages.'

'Furthermore, it is appalling that Costco has been selling these eggs with deceptive labeling on cartons featuring graphics of birds living out in a green pasture. You're already eliminating cages for veal calves and pigs – don't you feel that chickens also deserve the same mercy? So many corporations are meeting public demand for more humane products and transparency in the food chain. I sincerely hope that Costco will set plans now to go completely cage-free for its eggs.' 

All joking aside, he has a serious point, and that's sexy. Oh god, we're so sorry. And we don't want to take away from what he's saying - it's excellent when a celebrity uses their influence for a worthy cause, and he's been campaigning for animal rights for a while now. In 2003, he went after KFC for their chicken's living conditions, and in 2012 he teamed up with PETA to fight cruelty to cows on dairy farms. Ryan Gosling: man of the farm animals. Hopefully Costco will listen up and stop using eggs from caged chickens because, yes Ryan, chickens do deserve the same mercy as veal calves and pigs. 

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