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Richard Hammond Thinks Eating Ice Cream Makes You Gay, Twitter Responds

The Debrief: And in a strange turn of events, Jeremy Clarkson is a voice of reason

In another manifestation of toxic masculinity which has probably scared a few men away from ice cream forever, Richard Hammond has said that eating ice cream is a sign of homosexuality in men. 

The presenter, who just wants you to know that he IS STRAIGHT and NOT GAY, said on the Amazon show The Grand Tour that his dislike of ice cream is ‘something to do with being straight’. Yes, Richard, because one’s dessert preferences is completely indicative of one’s sexual orientation *sighs forever*. 

He didn’t stop there; Richard went on to say that ‘there’s nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice cream, you know, it’s a bit…’. A bit what, Richard? A bit of a delicious dessert choice? A bit of an intelligent decision on a toasty day? A bit of a delightfully creamy treat which is both light and satisfying? 

Although the audience burst into applause and laughter at Richard Hammond’s comment, we’re relieved that copresenter Jeremy Clarkson showed a modicum of decency and questioned Hammond on his bloody ridiculous statement. Apparently though, you’re not to worry if your child eats ice cream, because to think that makes them gay would be silly. No, it’s only if you’re an adult male who likes ice cream that we can make inferences about your sexuality, because logic. 

What about if it’s not a proper ice cream, Richard? Does your homosexuality increase the more ice cream you eat? If a Cornetto with a 99 flake make you gay, then does a slice of arctic role make you just a bit gay? Bisexual? If a woman likes ice cream does that make her gay, too? We’re going to need more guidance here Richard (I’m joking, please never speak again). 

Twitter has been reliably on point and torn Richard Hammond to shreds:

So enjoying ice cream has been added to the list of things that men can’t do for fear of being labelled gay, along with all household duties, childrearing, expressing their emotions, taking an interest in fashion, wearing makeup, dancing, shopping, playing with children… ad infinutum. You know what, Richard, we feel sorry for you. We’ll all be enjoying our post-Christmas Vienetta while you eat some steak drizzled with the tears of your own fragile masculinity. 

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