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Prince William Tells Kate He Doesn't Like Her Clothes, But She Wears Them Anyway

The Debrief: While the rest of the world is obsessed with the Duchess's style, her husband isn't so keen

It's a well known fact by now, that if Kate Middleton wears something – especially from the high street – it will sell out within a matter of K Middy-crazed hours. Yesterday was a case in point – it was barely 8am before Kate's Breton-striped top from west London-based shop Me + Em had been cleared from the cyber shelves.

So it's safe to say that the public likes what the Duchess wears. Pretty much the entire world (well, a lot of people anyway) has a soft spot for the Duchess's style. Apart from her husband, it seems.

The couple were doing a meet-and-greet in their namesake town of Cambridge, New Zealand yesterday, when a local woman revealed that Prince William wasn't too keen on his wife's emerald green Erdem coat.

'I complimented her on her green coat,' said Bev Hayes, 68. 'She said she liked it but Prince William thought it was a bit bright.'

Well, Wills's criticism obviously didn't have any impact on Kate's decision to carry on wearing it. And we trust her sartorial eye far more than we do Prince William's – we'd love to hear what Kate has to say of her husband's fashion taste.

Mustard cords, anyone?

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