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Perrie Edwards, Or Is It Malik? Causes Teenage Hearts To Break

Perrie Edwards, Or Is It Malik? Causes Teenage Hearts To Break

The Debrief: She referred to herself as having fiancé Zayn’s surname…already!

Following the pretty kick ass news that Zoe Saldana’s husband Marco took her name when they married, we were feeling all progressive and righteous up until we saw that Perrie Edwards is already referring to herself as Perrie Malik.

But it’s not as if she’s off signing loads of autographs (lol, who does autographs in the era of selfies?!) using fiancé Zayn’s surname, no. This was just a joke video where each of the Little Mixers flicked their hair around and said what their married names would be should they marry their other halves:


Road Trip Bantz #BlackMagicRadioTour

A video posted by Little Mix (@littlemixofficial) on Jun 11, 2015 at 8:04am PDT

As you can see, the whole point was to get Jade – the only single member of the group – to sullenly admit just how single she is. Obviously it’s all a joke, obviously it’s not meant to mean much. But when you mention ‘Malik’, you summon the fandom, who just cannot deal.

That’s someone ‘shipping’ Zayn with his ex-bandmate in One Direction, Liam Payne. Some are also citing the fact she’s already calling Zayn’s mum her ‘mother-in-law’ on a caption on an Instagram photo of some Reiss’s pieces given by her.

We’re all for Zayn and Perrie to lead the happy life they want to lead but we’ve got to commend Perrie’s bravery for even bothering to do the sorts of funny, harmless videos that are going to be taken out of context by the sorts of die-hard Zayn fans who’d do this:

All we’re saying is, good luck to Perrie, regardless of the hoo-ha she might get for taking Zayn’s name should they marry…

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