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Paddles, The First Cat Of New Zealand, Is Our Favourite Thing On Instagram Right Now...

Paddles, The First Cat Of New Zealand, Is Our Favourite Thing On Twitter Right Now...

The Debrief: She's already thrown shade at Donald Trump...

Larry the Downing Street cat better watch out - there’s a new political feline on the scene, and she’s already a hit on Twitter. 

Paddles, owned by the new First Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, sent her first tweet on October 21st, and has since gained over 5,000 followers and sent over 400 tweets.  

While her owner is the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, Paddles assures us she has no party… sorry ‘pawty’ affiliation in her bio which reads: ‘Paddles Ardern-Gayford. Proud to serve as the First Cat of New Zealand. Have thumbs, will tweet. Prrp (Independent cat - not affurliated with the Labour Pawty)’ 

Here are 11 things you should know about Paddles, aka: @FirstCatofNZ


1. She believes gender is a social construct  

She's already proved that she replies to tweets better than some actual politicians.  


2. She loves a good pun 

LOL at 'jellymeat' 

 Look at these pawty animals

The purrfect pun 


 3. She’s scared of the Finnish president’s dog  


Wouldn't you be?!  


4. She’s been formally greeted by the Downing Street cat, Larry 


Short and sweet there Lazza 

5. She doesn’t send nudes, but is sex positive 

Good to know Paddles


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6. She knows who Migos are 


 Well, she is the epitome of bad and bougie 


7. She won’t be joining Facebook anytime soon  

Ahh man, no chance of a Facebook Live then  


8. She has a crush on Justin Trudeau 



9. She’s already hired a Minister of Food 



10. She listens to podcasts


 Her fave is On The Rag, a podcast about women in New Zealand, by local website The Spinoff 

 11. She’s already thrown shade at Donald Trump   

 And we wouldn't be surprised if he responds 


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