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Our Favourite Eccentric Couple Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are No More

The Debrief: Our main question is who will get custody of Johnny Depp?

Sadfaces this morning as we find out our favourite mad couple ever Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have split. Er, we really hope it’s not because of this questionable Burton parody porn film... (don’t worry it’s safe to watch even if you’re will your gran for Christmas. Ok maybe not actually).

We have so many questions about this break up: mainly WHY? And will you ever find anyone as mental as each other? Will you have to build a wall to seperate your amazing ajoining houses?

The couple had been married for 13 years after meeting on the set of Planet of the Apes in 2001 (definitely better than most ‘how did you meet your partner’ stories). And now according to People magazine they ‘split amicably’ and continue to ‘co-parent’ their children.

We wish them both lots of love but can’t say we won’t mourn for their relationship by re-watching The Nightmare Before Christmas – because in our eyes,  this is the nightmare before Christmas.

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