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One Direction Children In Need Artwork Defaced With Obscenity

One Direction Children In Need Artwork Defaced With Obscenity

The Debrief: The Children In Need artwork was due to be auctioned for charity

For Children In Need, signed artwork worth around £100,000 was set to be auctioned off, until it went missing, then turned up again with a huge ‘obscenity’ drawn on it, reports The Mirror.

The One D lads – along with celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss – were supposed to sign the sketches of themselves, and were set to raise around £100,000 on this year’s Children In Need but, during the process, someone else got their hands on the artwork. 

‘I couldn’t believe what had happened,’ said Julia Patton, the artist who had created the sketches, which depicted the band as a group of frogs called Pond Direction. ‘I had spent months creating these characters and pages for all the stars. Then they all disappear and turn up a month later – open, ripped up, with obscenities. It’s heartbreaking.’ 

Children In Need added: ‘This is obviously very disappointing after so many people worked incredibly hard to create this book.’ 

Police are investigating. But who draws ‘obscenities’ (we’re thinking a penis, but could be anything) on artwork being sent in the post? Perhaps it was sent to the wrong person, and that person really didn’t like frogs. Or charity. 

We hope Children In Need bridges the loss in terms of money. It’s another reason for us all to donate that little bit extra when it airs tonight. 

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