Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | 1,021 day ago

Oh Calm Down Everyone There's Been Way Worse Things On The BBC Than Rita Ora's Cleavage

The Debrief: Are you telling us that Strictly is always family friendly?!

Today the internet, and BBC complaints inbox, broke because Rita Ora went on The One Show wearing a low-cut white suit. Obviously, viewers were outraged, and sent around 400 complaints because the kids who are watching pre-watershed telly have never seen any of Rita Ora’s music videos, any of Rihanna’s music videos, looked at a newspaper stand or Googled anything before. And now they have been forever corrupted because a mentor on The Voice showed some cleavage. 

If we’re honest, watching The Voice is more likely to corrupt our minds than seeing a bit of breast – but this just opens up the constant double standard debate party: if Rihanna can writhe around on a throne in a sparkly thong with dollar bills sticking out everywhere, and women everywhere can turn up to film premieres with both their boobs out, why can’t Rita Ora wear a white suit with a plunging neckline? What exactly is going to happen? Will the world stop turning because it’s 7pm? Can we all just chill out and accept that it’s not 1856 anymore? 

To prove a point, we’ve pulled together a number of things the BBC has broadcast, pre-watershed, that are categorically way worse than a plunging neckline. And despite how much we wanted to, we didn’t include’s persistent wearing of sunglasses indoors – even though it’s a total health hazard. What if a small child emulates him, then falls down some stairs because they can’t see properly? Way more risky. 

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