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Novak Djokovic Sort Of Apologises To Ball Girl He Upset

Novak Djokovic Sort Of Apologises To Ball Girl He Upset

The Debrief: It's not the best apology we've heard, tbh

He may be good at tennis, but Novak Djokovic isn't good at, er, not shouting at ball girls and making them sad. Yesterday, during his eventual win against Kevin Anderson, the defending champion looked to be screaming in her direction. Then went on to win 6-7 (6-8) 6-7 (6-8) 6-1 6-4 7-5. 

Afterwards, when asked about it, Djokovic said: 'I'm sorry. There was nothing towards her. Maybe she was just afraid of my screaming there,' which sounds suspiciously like 'Aw she was upset by a world number one Wimbledon champion screaming at her?! Awwwwwww' rather than an apology, but fine. Pressures run high in high-level sport, and we've never competed in Wimbledon so can't relate to how he must have been feeling. Still, probably apologise to the poor girl because she spent the whole match picking up your balls and risking getting smacked in the face. 'I was pretty close to her. I'm definitely going to try to apologise to her if I did something wrong.'

Great use of the word 'if' there, as if he's unable to remember whether or not he screamed at a ball girl. Anyway, we hope he does apologise and buys her something nice to say sorry. And then Googles 'how to apologise to someone you've shouted at' so he understands what to do the next time he needs to say sorry to someone. 

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