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North West And Harper Beckham's On The Frow Has Taught Us Who We Need To Channel This Fashion Week

The Debrief: With children throwing tantrums front-row and centre at fashion week, it's Anna, Beyoncé and Nicki who emerge looking the best...

Though we’re meant to take cues from the adults in the front row at fashion shows, we’re going to extend our adulation to the offspring of the famous. We’re all familiar with the idea that celebrity kids get to wear things we could only dream of owning – we well-and-truly learned this concept when Suri Cruise was about three, which is now a whopping half-decade ago. Yep, she's eight.

However, back to business; what we really love about New York Fashion Week SS15 is seeing not only the kids in their clobber, but their ability to get away with being right divas. From North West crying at both the Kanye West/Adidas collaboration and Alexander Wang shows to three-year-old Harper Seven picking her nose then needing carrying away from Wang’s show (did she smell a Wang children's line in the leatherworks? He did dress North for the show and we've all seen Aila Wang, the designer's neice, dress about 1000% better than we could dream), kids give off the impression they’re NYFW’s biggest egos.

We say the impression, because there's not much value in throwing a tantrum to get attention – as you can see from Beyoncé, Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj’s reactions to North crying, and then the way in which carrying duties of a sleepy Harper were left to oldest son Brooklyn instead of dad David – having a hissy fit doesn’t get you far, even if you are lucky enough to have parents that are rich, famous and frenetically multi-tasking their way through life and the stock exchange.

So who's the inspiration in this wave of kids frow-ing hissy fits? Those who manage to successfully blank out the screeching children of people they are, for all rights, meant to worship. The ‘no shits given’ look of powerful women next to crying kids (and Brooklyn Beckham’s ability to lift up his little sister, even though he walked from place to place at her age, without one singular grimace) is a mode of being we really need to channel. Forget mindfulness, this is mindlessness. And it's not just for fashion week, but for life.

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