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No Of Course Kanye West Didn\\\'t \\\'Walk On Water\\\' In Armenia

No Of Course Kanye West Didn't 'Walk On Water' In Armenia

The Debrief: Rapper jumped into Swan Lake because why not really, he's a pop star?

Bored of Coachella? So’s Kanye West, that’s presumably one reason why he favoured a gig in Armenia over a stage at the Palm Springs festival.

Why Armenia? Well, it’s where his wife Kim Kardashian (and the rest of her family, obvs) have descended from and she’s there to draw attention to the 100-year anniversary of its genocide, where 1.8 million Armenians were killed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and, well, Kanye helped out too. With the attention-bringing, that is.

The rapper finished a short, banger-heavy set of Stronger, Power, All Of The Lights and Jesus Walks shortly before splashing himself into a big lake. The lake is called Swan Lake, too! Shaky mobile phone footage given to TMZ shows Kanye saying: ‘There’s a problem, can ya’ll see me over there? We gonna do something different right now…’

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As you can see, he wasn’t trying to walk on water, like anyone called ‘Yeezus’ would. He was merely hopping through the water to make sure everyone could see him. Then, obvs, loads of people followed him into the water to mob him. It was about 7°C then, too. So, um, fair play Kanye and all your chitter-chattering fans!

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