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Mr And Mrs Clooney Received A Wedding Present On The Red Carpet, We're Not Sure They Liked It

The Debrief: Did they see the funny side? We're not so sure...

When you've spent days, probably weeks, prepping to host the live stream of the Golden Globes like team E! have, I imagine that delrium might kick in and it might seem like a good idea to have a little fun with the celebs once you get there. Like coming up with a funny gift to give to George Clooney and his impossibly beautiful new wife Amal. Hmm. Still sounds like a good idea, right? RIGHT? 

E!'s news correspondant Ryan Seacrest did his best to have a joke with the newlyweds last night, presenting George with a T-shirt that said 'Game Over' with a picture of a bride and groom, before revealing that the whole E! camera crew were also wearing the same T-shirts.

George and Amal receives present on the carpet

Amal, with an Audrey Hepburn vibe going on thanks to her Dior couture black dress, elbow-length gloves (who knew they still existed) and Harry Winston diamonds, did her best to accept the gift graciously, but didn't look too impressed. Frankly neither did George.

Can you blame her? You've just got married under a global spotlight, you're at your first major awards ceremony wearing freakishly long gloves and some bloke hands you a T-shirt pointing out that your hubby was the world's biggest playaaa before you 'won' him.

Give a gal a break, E!

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