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Introducing Mimi Bouchard: The Made In Chelsea Newbie You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re Going To Fall In Love With

Mimi Bouchard: Your Cheat Sheet On The Babein' Made In Chelsea Star

The Debrief: She will inject more joy into your life than a Godfrey Gingerbread from Pret

You know those people you automatically click with and have the overwhelming urge to invite them to your birthday drinks and overshare on the details of that dream you had about giving birth to a cat? Within five minutes of a handshake (or double air kiss, cos it's Chelsea dahling) that's how I felt when I met Mimi Bouchard. God, I sound like a creep.

The Made In Chelsea castmate is as charming as Jamie Laing, looks like Toff's twin (I asked, they're not related) and is as radiant as Stephanie Pratt. It's not just the work of a fancy camera, this girl looks like she's been drinking nothing but matcha green tea and spinach smoothies since secondary school. Sigh. 

Here is everything you need to know about the very babein' Mimi Bouchard...

How old is Mimi Bouchard?

She is 21-years-old and in case you wanted to send her a birthday card/cupcake her date of birth is 16th July 1996. 

What does Mimi do? Does she have a job? Help. 

She runs an online magazine/blog for women called 'Mimibee', which has just been relaunched. The site focuses on 'all thing fashion, love, sex, health, fitness, with a touch of personal growth.'  The one thing that's clear about this girl is she sure knows how to dress! Think chic tailored pieces, mixed with sexy lace bras and draping fur. Sensational Mimz. 

Mimbee caused controversy in the latest Made In Chelsea episode, after Mimi wrote a piece titled 'Is veganism a fad?' and Tiffany complained that she may as well have named the article 'I hate Tiffany'. 

Where is Mimi from?

The lifestyle-guru is from Toronto in Canada and has been living in London for the past year. Yep, in less than a year she has managed to bag herself a spot on MIC. Give a girl some tips, please? 

When she moved to London, Mimi admitted she was initially very confused. 'I didn't know any of the neighbourhoods at all! There was east, west... I didn't know it was so big. I came to London and I was like... where do I live?! So I found a place in Fulham then later I moved to Chelsea harbour. It's very me, I love this neighbourhood.' 

What's Mimi Bouchard's net worth?

That's a nosey question, ain't it! 

Who is Mimi Bouchard friends with on Made In Chelsea?

Mimi counts Julius CowdreyElla Willis, glow queen Frankie Gaff and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo as her main friends on the show. She also regularly posts selfies with socialite and Kate Moss' younger sis Lottie. 

Who are Mimi Bouchard's family? 

Mimi's cousin is the tennis ace Eugenie Bouchard, 23, who is ranked no 53 in the world - and was the runner-up at Wimbledon in 2014. Impressive, eh! 

Mimi Bouchard with blonde hair

Mimi may have a glorious brunette balyage which wouldn't look out of place on glossy Pinterest board, but it wasn't always so dark. Oh no. When Mimz started on Made In Chelsea, the blogger used to be blonde. Here is her rocking the light hurrr life:




What was the biggest change for Mimi when she first moved to London?

'Definitely hailing for a bus!', she laughs. 'You have to hail a bus or it doesn't stop! Oh and tipping! Everywhere in Canada you tip 20% wherever you go. So when I was first in London, I'd be tipping 20% over the service charge, I didn't realise it was already included... so everybody loved me!'

How did Mimi get on Made In Chelsea?

From being in the right place at the right time. (So maybe there is hope fo us all?) 'I'm in media, so I started going to lots of events and stuff', she says. 'I started meeting some of the cast like Fred and Toff and Jess, so it just fell into place'. Interesting. Anyone else taking notes?

Is Mimi Bouchard single?

Yes she is as far as we know, though rumour has it, she's caught the eye of newbie Charlie Mills. 

What happened with Mimi Bouchard and Sam Thompson?

Basically enough drama to fill six episodes of Made In Chelsea Ibiza, babes! Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson were together two and a half years, but then decided to go on a break where they could see other people ('corr, this doesn't sound healthy) UNLESS if they were in their friendship group. A few hours into the group holiday, Sam nustled up to Mimi and the pair enjoyed throwing flirting glances whilst doing a downward-facing dog together (no, not like that! Wait, actually... maybe.) This was okay right, as Mimi rightly pointed out, as her and Tiffany weren't exactly best of friends?


Tiffany showed up three weeks into their holiday romance and was absolutely livid. She claimed girl code had been completely trampled on and Sam called Mimi 'a rebound' and a 'dumpling'. OUCH. Mimi was understandably hurt after mistakingly becoming a pawn in Sam and Tiff's very messy break up. Poor lamb.

So, what happened with Mimi and Tiffany Watson? Are they pals?

Are you mad?! Mimi invited Tiffany for a drink to settle their differences, yet they barely made a dent in their Sauvignon Blanc before Tiffany laughed in Mimi's face and stormed out the bar. Sam Thompson then admitted that 'Tiffany needed time and he could understand where is ex-girlfriend was coming from'.  We are going to take that as a no, then. 

Mimi Bouchard being slut-shamed 

Mimi has been caught up in two slut-shaming scandals, which begs the question: WHY IS MADE IN CHELSEA SO SEXIST.  Firstly, when Olivia Bentley labelled Mimi a 'slut', 'easy' and 'desperate' after her boyfriend Fredirk Ferrier texted Mimi and they were a little flirty-gerty. Then Mimi was slut-shamed by Tiffany Watson and her crew, after apparently luring Sam Thompson away with her girlish charm. Ok den. 

Can I follow Mimi Bouchard on Instagram?

Yup, her Instagram username is @mimibouchard, where she regularly posts a slew of OOTD posts and life-affirming quotes. True Instagram #goals, right?

Okay how about Twitter?

Mimi's Twitter username is also @mimibouchard. Get following. 

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