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Miley\'s Got A Fan... In Arnold Schwarzenegger

Miley's Got A Fan... In Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Debrief: Which is funny because, well, his son cheated on her...

You know those people who go out with someone, meet their parents and then break up with them but continue to get on very well with the parents? Ok, we don’t really know them, but it surely happens. And there’s an opportunity for it to happen to Miley Cyrus, should she want. As Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose son Patrick, dated her for a few months up until April this year, has said she’s a ‘fantastic person’.

When Howard Stern, the shock jock radio host who likes to be a bit sleazy, asked Arnold if he was ever worried that Miley was dating his son, he replied, reports Entertainment Weekly: ‘Under normal circumstances maybe I would be nervous, but I'll tell you the two reasons why not.’

‘One is my kids are very strong. They have had their upbringing. They know exactly how far they can go and they should be adventurous, they should venture out and meet different people, so I was not worried about that. The other thing is when I did meet Miley Cyrus, when she came up to Sun Valley skiing during the holidays, I found out that she was a fantastic person.’

Aw! That’s pretty sweet. What’s not sweet is that Patrick and Miley split up after photos of Patrick getting handsy with a girl at Spring Break were published. But that doesn’t mean Arnold hasn’t got kind words about her! After all, his own past is pretty chequered – in 2013, it was revealed Patrick’s half brother, Joseph Baena, is the lovechild of an affair Arnie had with his housekeeper!

We’ll let you know what Miley makes of this olive branch, but considering Arnie’s a Republican politician it’s pretty cool that he’s down with such a radical pop star.

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