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Miley Cyrus Re-Invents The ‘Do-Gooder’ Stereotype In Just One Weekend

Miley Cyrus Re-Invents The ‘Do-Gooder’ Stereotype In Just One Weekend

The Debrief: Wears Star of David to Alzheimer’s fundraiser, dresses like a speed-walker for ALS walk…

The twin concepts of the humble hemp-wearing charity worker and the schmaltzy ballgown-clad fundraiser attendee have been well and truly thrown on their head, by none other than Miley Cyrus. The singer performed at two charity events this weekend, and didn’t hold back on how she wanted to present herself.

At James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah, an event put on and attended by Seth Rogen and boy-buddy James Franco (obvs) and guests like Haim and Jeff Goldblum (who mocked administering James with a circumcision), Miley dressed not in a gown or a suit, but a Star of David. OK, she was in a blue leotard, but also wore a big foam Star of David over herself.

Miley Cyrus Re-Invents The ‘Do-Gooder’ Stereotype In Just One Weekend

Most of her role at the Hilarity for Charity event, put on by Rogen and Franco and Rogen’s wife to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease, was to sing. But she even stole the limelight from Zac Efron, who had the starry task of playing James Franco’s foreskin. Miley told the audience, ‘Tonight has been fucking eventful. I mean, Zac Efron as your fuckin’ penis, foreskin, that’s a famous dick you got there.’

The next night? She dressed up in bright galaxy leggings, a T-shirt covered in love hearts and a big pink bow atop curly blonde extensions for her involvement in the Walk to Defeat ALS. Going full-on ’90s jogger/speed-walker for the event, she also donned some garish pink and blue Nike trainers. Because, if you’re going to do the whole old-person-out-for-a-walk look, you’ve got to do it right.

Miley Cyrus Re-Invents The ‘Do-Gooder’ Stereotype In Just One Weekend

It might just look like another weekend in Miley’s life to you. But what she’s done is brought the university RAG week to life as part of celebrity life. No longer will charity dressing be considered either frugal hippy-dippy clothes or swanky tailor-made black tie wear. Because if you’re going to dress in a way that would cause people in the street to gawp/shout abuse at you for, you might as well do it for a good cause, right?

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