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Miley Cyrus Gets Off With Stella Maxwell And We’re All Conflicted

Miley Cyrus Gets Off With Stella Maxwell And We’re All Conflicted

The Debrief: It’s proof that they’re taking control of their sexualities, but lookie who else wants in on the fun…

Long gone are the days when Miley Cyrus was known for tongue-wagging and twerking because now, well now, as well as being a philanthropist and musician she’s going to be known as one half of celebrity-dom’s hottest lesbian power couple.

Because Miley’s been filmed having a passionate snog with long-rumoured girlfriend and Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell.

The pair were filmed on the set of Miley’s new music video (yes, she’s got new music coming out! She’s a singer as well as a great Instagrammer!) and you can watch the footage here.

Yeah, it made us need a cold shower too. And it’s got young fans in raptures.

Some might complain that Miley’s joined a bandwagon – we’re looking at you, The Sun’s ‘bi-bus’ (each time a celebrity says that, hey, gender doesn’t matter when they’re picking a partner, they’re Photoshopped onto a bus that’s reprinted as if being bisexual’s this lolsy part-time habit). But it looks like the real deal to us.

It’s also a tiny bit conflicting because you can see how much the paparazzi – blokes chasing Miley and Stella around a parking lot, asking them loads of questions and making demands – live for shots like this. The more we click, the more we set a precedent where other celebrities, who aren’t officially out, like Kristen Stewart, can be chased down the street with old geezers shouting ‘YOU’RE GAY’ at them.

Miley obviously feels comfortable and powerful enough to be able to come out as bisexual and actually enter into a relationship with a woman and it’s totally inspiring to young people across the world. But how long will this comfort last under the glare of the paparazzi?

It’s about time the pervy way women dating women is reported by men (see the MailOnline’s male reporter describing how ‘the stunning blonde cupped Miley’s pert bottom with one hand’) is stamped out.

Because what’s the point in being out so publicly if the papers are just going to frame it as just a bit of showy-offy, male attention-grabbing nonsense?

What makes the video of Miley and Stella’s snog-session so hot isn’t just that they’re girls smooching, it’s that they’ve both taken their sexuality into their own hands without the permission of any man. We could all do with holding on to that concept as tightly as Stella just grabbed Miley’s bum.

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