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Mariah Carey\'s Half-Hearted Dance Performance Goes Viral

Mariah Carey's Half-Hearted Dance Performance Goes Viral

The Debrief: ...and it's a joy to behold

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Mariah Carey’s name? Is it her belting voice? The way she is able to hit a high note effortlessly and then back down to a low like it’s nothing? Or is it her stunning figure? The singer is also well known for being a bit of a ‘diva.’ But, that’s okay. Why? Because she is Mariah Carey.

 However, ask yourself this – how many times have you seen the singer dance? How often does she perform a dance routine on stage or in her music videos? Almost never - right?

 Mariah is known for delivering outstanding performances, from visuals to sound. But, a video from her more recent concert has gone viral and it’s… interesting to say the least. But also, very hilarious.

 The short video shows Ms Carey’s lacklustre performance where she is barely moving her hips, arms or shoulders. Mariah’s back up dancers, though of course, are enthusiastic as ever with the dance routine (I’m assuming, otherwise they would get fired.)

After her version of shimmying, the handsome dancers pick up the pop diva and she barely cracks a smile… or moves a muscle. The poor back up dancers seemed to struggle as she didn’t corroborate with them too well and lays stiffly in their arms.

It wasn’t long before the video of the performance went viral. Many fans thought the performance from Mariah was lazy and I can’t say I disagree. Imagine paying £50 to watch your favourite artist perform and they deliver such a half-hearted performance. I would be absolutely devastated. What a cash loss! 

Although, for us, it is very amusing. In one part of the performance she hands her mic over to one of the dancers. Some people on twitter have jokingly commented that she was perhaps too lazy to hold her mic.

Have a look at some of the other reactions below: 

But this doesn’t exactly surprise me with Mariah. She has seemingly been very fed up with the music industry recently – well at least that’s how she appears. There is always a story about the singer’s diva ways. Do you remember that time when she told her backup singers, (3:04) ‘Stop singing my part, now baby.’  Or that time when she allegedly wasn’t too happy about Nicki Minaj being added to the judging panel on American Idol and admitted as such in an interview with Barbara Walters.

 Robotic Mariah is yet to defend her performance. But, let’s be real it’s Mariah, there will be no comment.

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