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Madonna Kisses Drake, He Doesn’t Know His Luck

Madonna Kisses Drake, He Doesn’t Know His Luck

The Debrief: People wonder if Madonna's too old to be doing what she's doing but is Drake really mature enough to handle any of it?

Drake makes the best music to cry on a Sunday night to, but we really do wonder if we’ve just been shown the limit of his sensitivity. See, after performing Human Nature at Coachella, Madonna was dancing while Drake just sat in a chair (this is a signature ‘move’ of his he employed in Nicki Minaj’s video for Anaconda). She promptly shoved his head back and then leaned over and kissed the lucky sucker. Watch it here:

What happened next is pretty telling; if you can't watch the video right now, Drake went to cradle Madonna’s head – clearly being totally ok with what she was doing, hell, it might have actually been planned (imagine, Madonna planning to do a snog on stage...) – but she pushed his hand away – why let his big gym-toned wrist get in the way of a great photo opportunity?

At that point, Drake got frustrated. That or he dribbled all over himself with glee – we can’t understand why else he wiped his mouth dry right after the kiss.

While Madonna murmured ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’ – a line from one of her new songs, incidentally called Bitch I'm Madonna – Drake yelled to the crowd: ‘What the fuck just happened?’

Like, we know there’s an age gap between Madonna and Drake, but we had no idea he was 14.

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