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Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea: Latest News, The Cast, Episode Guide and Interviews

The Debrief: Your complete guide to the fancy-pants lot on e4

Oh Made In Chelsea, how we love thee. From the endless brunches, almost-punches and more fiery lunches than Louise Thompson's daily ab crunches. The E4 show which shows the friendship group of London's elite casually going to diamond parties and contemplating spending £200k on a ring, yet also flogging charcoal teeth whitening kits on Instagram. The show is a delicious blend of aspirational, relatable and nuts. Season after season, we can't get enough and for that reason, we are busy 80% of of all the Monday evenings of the year. The other 20% of course, is spent mourning for the loss of the sparkly MIC lot, praying that Mark Francis will say something hilarious about thongs or Topshop.

Here is your complete guide to the cast, latest news, episode recaps and interviews. The only thing missing is Caggie Dunlop, though who knows that the future holds, huns!  

Made In Chelsea latest news:

Life after Chelsea: Ollie Locke bags first acting role!


Ollie Locke Made In Chelsea

It’s fair to say that Made In Chelsea hasn’t been the same since Ollie Locke said ‘au revior!’ to spend more time on his new dating app. Now the glossy-haired model has been embarking on a completely new adventure (well, not miles away from MIC, cough) and has got himself an acting role! 

He told the Metro: ‘I’ve just got my first acting job, and I can’t say anything more! I’ve just filmed it.’

Can’t wait, tbh.


Frankie Gaff replaces Jamie Laing... with show newcomer! 

Made In Chelsea

During Monday night's Made In Chelsea, Frankie Gaff announced over brunch to Olivia and Toff that she didn't need ex boyfriend Jamie Laing as she had a new bright-eyed companion... the most adorable puppy Roka! Olivia commented,: “So you replaced your boyfriend with a puppy? I quite like that.” Frankie then replied, “It was the best decision I’ve ever made.” Dogs>everyone else. 


Amelia-Lily could be joining the show!

Amelia Lily

They met on Celebrity Big Brother and have been on a handful of dates since, but Sam Thompson seems pretty smitten with Amelia Lily. When asked if she would be joining Made In Chelsea (imagine Tiff's horror!) he told Digital Spy,  "Maybe. She might make a couple of cameos!"

"She doesn't watch it because all she hears is that I'm a dick," Sam explained. "She permanently hears that I'm a knob. She said, 'I know who you are. Why would I want to watch something where they tell me who you are? I've formed my own judgement about you. I've met you in the flesh for a long time now.'


When is Made In Chelsea back on TV?

 We are amidst series 14, so the next episode is on Monday 9pm on E4.

What channel is Made In Chelsea on and what time?

You can watch Made In Chelsea on e4 on Mondays at 9pm. If you have plans on a Monday evening (who r u, plz) you can catch up with all the episodes (including series 1 which is a treat) by following the link that follows this sentence... MADE IN CHELSEA CATCH UP 

Where is the trailer for Made In Chelsea Season 14?

You can watch the delightful trailer for MIC below:


Is Made In Chelsea real?

Yes obviously. Next question. 

Made In Chelsea Cast

Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead

If I looked up ‘friend’ in the dictionary, I would not be surprised to see ‘Alexandra "Binky" Felstead’ written in bold. Well, only a tiny bit. Here is everything there is to know about the Made in Chelsea gal who stole our hearts right back in 2011...

Daisy Robins

Daisy Robins Made In Chelsea

How to best describe Daisy? Well. If there was a bar-o-meter for 'how Made In Chelsea are you?' with a scale ranging from 0 to YAS YAS YAAAAS DAHLIN', then Daisy Robins is at the peak. Providing she has the time of course, from all the swanning around Sloane Square in a K-Middy assemble and plotting business ventures... 

Ella Willis

Ella Willis Made In Chelsea

Self-proclaimed brainbox Ella Willis, has already been fluffin' and rufflin' all of the SW3 folk's feathers and she has only been on Made In Chelsea for about five mins. It's not the impeccable and rather ubiquitous Valencia filter to blame for the dewy skin.... Ella is only 19!  

Frankie Gaff

Frankie Gaff

Frankie Gaff glows unapologetically (like the stripe on your sports leggings during a spin class or your dear aunt Jen after she fled to a Cotswold’s spa which costs more than your rent). We are gripped by her tumultuous relationship with Jamie Laing (Are they?! Aren't they?!) and her impeccable highlight.

Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing

The dazzling Jamie Laing is one of Made In Chelsea's longest serving members and, is arguably, it's most well known. We don't know if it's platinum blonde hair or his effervescent personality but he is pretty much the sun personified.  

Josh 'JP' Patterson

Josh JP Paterson Made In Chelsea

The extremely chiseled JP joined Made In Chelsea as a charming boys boy (Spencer who?) but has since been tamed by fellow co-star and girlfriend Binky Felstead. They even have a baby girl India together. SHO cute, right.  

Julius Cowdrey

Julius Cowdrey Made In Chelsea

Naturally, we have many questions about Julius. Like, how do his eyes look an exquisite pool of triple chocolate fudge cake? Is it normal that we want to record his voice and play it to ourselves on a 90’s walkman to get us through our Sunday evening existential crisis? We will probably never know for sure. 

Louise Thompson 

Louise Thompson


Louise Thompson is practically a veteran at just 27-years-old and is best known for her abs, being the best older sister and getting weepy at relationship problems. Though now she’s happy with the incredible Hulk Ryan Libbey and they regularly gym together. Er, #goals? Kinda?

Mark Francis-Vandelli

Mark Francis

Mark Francis is the show’s longest-serving cast member, who swanned into our lives in Season 1 wearing real Italian leather and snapping his fingers at any high-street clad civilian (AKA YOU). He is as fabulous that Joanna Lumley eating truffles in the bath. As nonchalant as Kate Moss smoking in the Ladies during Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar speech. 

Mimi Bouchard

Mimi Bouchard

The babein Mimi Bouchard is as charming as Jamie Laing, looks like Toff's twin (I asked, they're not related) and is as radiant as Stephanie Pratt. It's not just the work of a fancy camera, this girl looks like she's been drinking nothing but matcha green tea and spinach smoothies since secondary school. Sigh. 

Olivia Bentley 

Olivia Bentley

Olivia was the arty nude photographer who has transformed into a full-blown, strawberry liqueur sipping, ‘dahling’ dropping Made In Chelsea-ite we can’t get enough of every Monday evening.

Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortesque

She's been on the show since it’s humble beginnings way, way back in 2011 - yep, we’ve been watching the show for that long, you guys. But how much do you really know about Rosie, though? Like, besides the fact that she’s BFFs with Binky and Louise, and can be relied upon to fill those awkward silences with whatever’s on her mind? 

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Steph has seduced 23 year olds with a plate of oysters, giving zero fucks in the process. She's had a camera watch her every move 24 hours a day and was best friends with Lauren Conrad. Oh and she's just launched a fashion line with No biggie.

Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo

Toff Made In Chelsea

Toff is tv gold. From her regular amblings with Mark Francis and Victoria BH, her relatable friendship with Jess Woodley and her brief flirtation with Celebs Go Dating (we were obsessed, okay) the land of Kensington would definitely be a dull place without Toff.

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany 'Tiff' Watson may not be one of the Made In Chelsea originals, but she's sure made her mark on the five or so series that she's been in so far, amirite? Tears, tantrums, make ups, break ups and the most on again-off again relationship we'd seen since Louise Thompson was in the prime of her dating drama sagas.  

Victoria Baker Harber 

Victoria Harber Baker

Victoria’s life is insane. She's literally euro-royalty. Get ready for yachts, yachts, very expensive handbags, Italians, yachts and the occasional super relatable memes about being really rich. 

Sophie Hermann

Sophie Hermann made in chelsea

Sophie appeared on the show a few years ago in series nine as Victoria BH’s bezzie before leaving to take a break back in 2015. Lucky for us, that break is now over. Sophie is back and she's promised to bless our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners. Can't. Bloody. Wait.

Ollie Locke

Ollie Locke

Though Ollie Locke, owner of the biggest heart and shiniest hair in Chelsea, has said ta-rah to arguing with fellow Chelsea-ites over brunch, we still live with the hope he returns to Made In Chelsea. The glass is half-full, okay?    

Jess Woodley

Jess Woodley

Jessica Woodley fast became one of our favourite cast members in E4's Made in Chelsea, so you can imagine how devastated we were to hear that she was quitting the show (still sobbing).

Charlie Mills

Charlie Mills

Enter, Charlie Mills, the latest addition to join the cast of MIC, but who is he? How did he get on Made In Chelsea? What does he do as a real-life job? Is he single (PLEASE)? 


How to follow the Made In Chelsea lot on Snapchat

Made In Chelsea snapchat names

Here are the Made in Chelsea cast's Snapchat usernames in all their glory - ordered from worst to best on the basis of  'how much we would we want to spend our Friday evening's with them, sozzled in The Crown clinking a glass or two of Peroni'.

Made In Chelsea relationships you definitely forgot about

Made In Chelsea Interviews

The MIC cast tell us what advice they’d give their 17-year-old self

Made In Chelsea advice

Do the dazzling Made In Chelsea cast have regrets about their late adolescent years? What would they say if they saw 17-year-old them and had the opportunity to grab themselves by the ears and shout ‘DON’T DO THAT!’ or ‘DO MORE OF THAT, PLEASE!’ The Debrief found out...

We grill Frankie Gaff on her Instagram feed secrets

Frankie Gaff

We quizzed the one and only Frankie Gaff to find out all of her very best Instagram tips and tricks. Oh and obvs we grilled her on the other Made In Chelsea lot too because we want to know everything.  EVERYTHING, PEOPLE. 

Life dilemmas only Stephanie Pratt could answer

Stephanie Pratt

We have a theory that most of us secretly love a problem. When things are too easy, we get restless and we start mustering up a plan that can only end in doing shots of the Jaeger variety off our ex boyfriends' brothers' belly button. Hands up if you’ve ever created an argument with a boyfriend who was so effin' perfect he made everything feel as monotonous as the Jubilee line on a Tuesday morning? Don’t lie. This is a judgement free zone.

Jess Woodley and Toff Sort Out Your Pressing Life Issues

Jess and Toff

Jess and Toff though are our kind of girls; slightly eccentric with excellent clothes and a mostly sunny disposition on life, they're the kind of gals we'd find ourselves in drinking in a pub in Fulham for. And there's not many people we'd go drinking in Fulham for. We asked the girls some of the questions you guys have been asking us and got them to sort everything out.

Steph, Proudlock and Francis on Pret orders,regrets and whether they watch themselves on TV

Made In Chelsea interview

We got the chance to hang out with some MIC oldies but goodies Stephanie Pratt, Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle at Made in Chelsea Presents and asked them some very important questions. You know the only stuff we didn’t know, like Pret orders, regrets  and life quotes to live by...

Jamie Laing answers all your work Christmas party dilemmas

Made In Chelsea

Who BETTER to ask than Jamie Bloody Laing aka Made in Chelsea's loose cannon who drips charm, pizzazz and mischief where ever he goes. With his legend CV brimming with hard partying, hangovers and confessing to everyone he loves them, he is the perfect man for the job! Take notes guys! Biros a'ready!

Toff and Jess: ‘Toff was more of an S Club girl and I was more an Avril Lavigne wannabe!’

Jess and Toff

We caught up with girls to discuss all things music and to create the dream playlist that will cover EVERY occasion. Think sombre Sunday afternoon train journeys to to being in a club shouting ‘ARGH THIS IS OUR SONG’ and combusting into a questionable sequence of stomping and hip-thrusting and everything else in between. 

Quiz: Who’s Your Made In Chelsea Spirit Animal?

Made In Chelsea

South West London is full of posh personalities, but which MIC cast member is your spiritual guiding light? Are you the darling of DSTRKT, or are you more comfortable at the family compound in Cannes? 

Made In Chelsea Episode Guide - all the recaps you need

Made In Chelsea series 14 episode 2 - recap

Julius Cowdrey


Made In Chelsea series 14 episode 1 - recap

Made In Chelsea episode 1

Made In Chelsea Ibiza 

The MIC gang flocked to Ibiza for some sun and respite from London life, but the drama with Tiff and Sam's 'break' rocks the friendship and girl code is appaz breached. MANY TIMES. 

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 1 

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 2

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 3 

Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 4

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 5

Made In Chelsea Ibiza - Episode 6

Made In Chelsea Season 13- episode recap

There is trouble in paradies (or, er SW 1) for Sam and Tiff as their relationship becomes rockier than our nanna's home-baked chocolate tiffin. Binky and JP return from their babymoon and Jamie reveals he's cheated on Franks. OH DEAR.  

Made In Chelsea Series 13 Episode 01

Made In Chelsea Series 13 Episode 02

Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea series 13 episode 03

Made In Chelsea series 13 episode 04

Made In Chelsea series 13 episode 05

Sam Thompson Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 06 

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 07

Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 08

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 09

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 10

Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea Series 13 episode 11

All the best quotes from Made In Chelsea 

Made In Chelsea quotes

Here are all the best quotes from Made In Chelsea you probably forgot about. Safe to say it's probably not the sort of material you'll want be tagging with #MondayMotivation #qotd and #lifeinspo over on Instagram but hey, we're here for the lolz

Made In Chelsea Opinion pieces

There is no room for Made In Chelsea in our post love island world  


Counting the posh boy fashion cliches you’ll no doubt have spotted on Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea fashion

Some of the sartorial sins committed in the name of Made In Chelsea have made us want to bite down really hard on the lemon wedge in our Bloody Mary, lest we might blind ourselves forever. The lads turn up looking like lumpy, sweaty, supermarket workers and holiday reps, if they put clothes on at all. But at least they’re always consistent, and persistent.  


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