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Louis Tomlinson Kicked Out Of Hotel Room For Trashing It After Gig

Louis Tomlinson Kicked Out Of Hotel Room For Trashing It After Gig

The Debrief: Oops Louis. Big oops.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson (in case you didn’t know which band he was in) was kicked out of a Newcastle hotel room on Monday, according to The Sun, after downing £1 shots at a student night and trashing his hotel room. 

After the final show in a three-day run in Newcastle, Louis was kicked out at 4am along with a load of people he’d been partying with. He was seen ‘staggering about looking drunk and clutching a bottle of booze’, before the Malmaison Hotel – his bandmates were staying somewhere else – had enough. 

‘They were kicked out at 4am by security who were aware of the incident and were absolutely furious,’ said an anonymous source.

‘He ran out of the hotel carrying all of his clothes and another bottle of booze. A waiting car drove him to the band’s tour bus,’ with the insider claiming that Louis ended up sleeping on the bus for the night. ‘He seemed to think it was a right joke, but it’s pretty disrespectful. He didn’t seem too worried though.’ 

Apparently, the tour bus the singer slept in is actually pretty plush, but it’s all still fairly embarrassing. 

WOO, LOVE IT. Time to maybe have a bit of a detox, Louis? You’re going to be a dad, after all...

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