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Lorde Tells Vogue She \\\'Doesn\\\'t Discriminate\\\' Between Male And Female Clothing

Lorde Tells Vogue She 'Doesn't Discriminate' Between Male And Female Clothing

The Debrief: The teen star will wear clothes whoever they're meant for...

Ever wanted to wear an item of men's clothing? Like, not a 'boyfriend pant' or a 'boyfriend blazer' or a 'boyfriend' whatever, but an actual piece of clothing that's in the 'men's' section of the shop? Well, chances are you really may have, it's really not that ridiculous that women wear 'men's' clothing and vice versa. 

In fact, it's so everyday to Lorde that she's actually finally wanting to wear women's clothing after ages of going for men's clothes or androgynous pantsuits. The singer, who's graced the cover of Vogue Australia (BTW, looking so great that she should be automatically catapulted to the top of the 'shall we' list for US Vogue) says: 'As I get older and a little bit more comfortable in myself, I'm like: "Yeah, I will wear that really pretty, feminine outfit", and I'll feel strong in that as well.'

Lorde Tells Vogue She 'Doesn't Discriminate' Between Male And Female Clothing

She continues: 'But I do love a perfect pair of pants, the perfect collared shirt, and I wear sneakers, heavy shoes... often I'll buy a pair of men's pants or whatever. I don't discriminate in that way.'

Considering shops really do discriminate in that way, simply by sectioning off men's and women's as if they're really all that different to each other, we're pretty pleased that Lorde's flying the flag for unisex clothing. That said, it might be more practical if she could teach us how to take up men's trousers...

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