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Lorde Shows Charitable Support For Hungry Kids

Lorde Shows Charitable Support For Hungry Kids

The Debrief: The only shame is there’s a need for these sorts of services…

You know how pop stars these days like to give a lot to the little people? Like how Jay-Z and Beyoncé have helped bail out #BlackLivesMatter protestors and how Taylor Swift likes to cheer up unwell fans by paying for their medical care?

Well, Lorde’s feeling pretty charitable, too, as the New Zealander has shown her support for Eat My Lunch, a project which feeds hungry children at school on a ‘buy-one give-one’ basis. For every meal you buy on Eat My Lunch, another will be given for free to a hungry child.

She put up an Instagram post with some photos of food, explaining: ‘A really appalling one in four kids are living in poverty and going to school without lunch.’

Lorde sandwiches

The singer, who’s not long out of school herself, added: ‘It makes me wanna cry thinking about kids who can’t eat at school.’

She said: ‘This week, I’m sponsoring Te Papapa school in Onehunga for all the lunches that they need, and I’ve also subscribed to GIVE TWO as their first subscriber.’

The idea is her fans also give to charity so they can be just like Lorde. And we’d hope a British celebrity – or, hey, a few more Labour MPs (see below) – learn from Lorde that the number of children in poverty isn’t great right now.

Imagine the ‘awww’s if Sam Smith handed baguettes to kids outside schools, or the exclamations of ‘Whadda great guy’ if Ed Sheeran continued on his sung promise in that heinous Jamie Oliver charity single and dished out bowls of stews to kids in housing estates.

Because last night the House of Commons voted in favour of removing their legal right to combat child poverty, and in favour of removing child tax credits for every child after the second one born to a struggling family. With a Government like this, we could do with a pop star or two to help supplement the sparse meals of all the people using food banks right now. Even Bono would do right now.

FYI, only 48 Labour MPs rebelled against Harriet Harman’s request that they simply abstain from the vote (and later vote to amend the Welfare Bill). Meanwhile, the SNP (including our fave, Mhairi Black), Lib Dems and Green Party went against the Bill.

This means it’s one step closer to becoming actual law.

An impact assessment (the way potential laws are checked in case they later cause problems) has found that 126,000 families will lose £63 a week and 64% of those will be families where the parent is a single mum.

Oh Lorde, give us strength…

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