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Lindsay Lohan Is In Hospital For Incurable Virus Picked Up In Bora Bora, Get Well Soon LiLo

The Debrief: Lindsay has reportedly got Chikungunya, and is in a lot of pain.

While holidaying and instagramming out in Bora Bora, TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan contracted a rare, incurable virus and was rushed to a London hospital and only got released yesterday.

According to the website, the actress caught Chikungunya, a rare and pretty nasty virus transmitted via mosquito bites while she was on vacation after the West End run of her play Speed The Plow, first noticing she didn't feel well while shooting an advert for Esurance in Los Angeles. 

After filming, she returned to London before quickly becoming so ill she couldn't walk - symptoms of the virus include fever, intense joint pain, and fatigue - and now her mum Dina has flown in to sit by her bedside. She stayed in King Edward VII's hospital (the one the Queen goes to when she's not well) and TMZ have been told that her joint pain is unbearable and could last for months. 

One positive thing, though, is that her fever broke so she was discharged, and has now been referred to a specialist who will be taking good care of her. Poor Lindsay! We hope she gets better - her career was just about to get back on track, what with Speed The Plow getting fairly good reviews, and this Esurance commercial which took the piss out of the fact she's had so many DUIs in the past. Her insty has been filled with really calm, tranquil pics of her floating in lagoons and really taking care of herself, so it's just terrible luck that she's now picked up this virus. 

Get well soon LiLo! 

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