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Lena Dunham Is Going To Be In Scandal And Everything Is Amazing

The Debrief: Hannah Horvath: B613 agent?

Just in case you were short on good jus in your life today (did you not see The Lego Movie performance at The Oscars last night?) feast your brain on the joining together of two of the TV worlds’ greatest ladies; Kerry Washington and Lena Dunham as it’s been confirmed that the Girls creator will star in Shonda Rhimes Scandal.

If you’re not an avid Scandal-watcher then A) rectifiy immediately and B) allow us to fill you in quickly. The show stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a character based on Judy Smith, a Washington DC crisis management expert who Lena herself hired after the whole memoir backlash nonsense last year. Olivia Pope basically goes round Washington with her crack team of undercover experts fixing, hiding and smoothing over all the naughty things the politicians get up to; all the while being a part of the biggest scandal of all – an affair with the president.

Anyway – what would Lena play? How about a member of B613? Hannah Horvath is about a stealthy as a drunken baby giraffe finding her feet for the very first time but, who knows – perhaps in Scandal Lena will be cast as a crafty member of the top secret covert affairs group with a very particular set of skills who are involved in all sorts of high level espionage. Maybe her and Huck take a job together. Maybe someone loses some fingers. Either way, no-one will ever know what really went on. That's classified.

Perhaps more likely is that she’ll be version of Kate Mara’s online political journalist in House Of Cards – a young blogger who gets in waaay too deep when she uncovers an unsavoury detail about a member of the government (and let’s be honest, there’s more than enough of them floating about). Obviously Olivia Pope will ‘manage’ her before she manages to bring down the entire government but we won’t be able to pretend we weren’t concerned there for a bit.

The episode is slated to appear in March.

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