Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Monday, 23 February 2015

Lady Gaga Was Obviously Great But The Lego Movie Song Was The Best Performance Last Night

The Debrief: Tegan and Sara and Lonely Island did GREAT. Anyone else got a crush on Andy Samberg? Is this a thing? OK cool.

It’s been one of the biggest upsets of the year so far that The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated for best animated feature at last night’s Oscars. Hell, if we’d have had it our way, it would have been nominated for best picture, best director, best actor and would have walked away with the statues for all of them.

It was some consolation then that the brilliant Everything is Awesome was nominated for best song. Obviously it lost out to Common and John Legend’s Glory from the movie Selma because, obviously Glory 9000% deserved to win, but, hey, it was recognised, and even better, Lonely Island and Tegan and Sara got to perform it at the awards and, it was awesome.

Here is their performance and I think you’ll agree it’s probably the greatest thing that's ever happened.

Also, in a more conventional outing, Lady Gaga performed a medley of songs from The Sound Of Music and it was really truly amazing -  not like, Everything is Awesome amazing, but still, you know, conventionally and technically very, very good.

Elsewhere there was Common and John Legend doing an incredible and emotional rendition of Glory, complete with Gospel choir proving exactly why the song deserved to win best song.

Then there was the much awaited Rita Ora performance of Grateful and you know what guys? It was A-OK. She did a nice old job. Sure a rap breakdown from the Londely Island guys would have been an improvement but hey, not everyone can be that lucky.

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