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Kylie\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Eyeshadow Is Giving People Pounding Headaches And Stinking Out The House

Kylie's Eyeshadow Is Giving People Pounding Headaches And Stinking Out The House

The Debrief: Apparently her new eyeshadow kit smells of 'death and bleach'

Head banging, hangovers and Excel are what headaches are made of. Oh, and Kylie Jenner's new eyeshadow...

Beauty fanatics have been up in arms over Kylie's Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette and its questionable chemical smell. The eye kit's  stench has been likened to bleach and paint (your two favourite eye masks), with an odour as stubborn as a mule. Worse still, it's giving customers ‘chemical induced headaches’ too. One poor woman's was so unbearable she was forced to leave the package outside her home (our thoughts are with the neighbours too). 

In the space of the past fortnight 15 women have already lodged similar complaints to Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB told TMZ they investigated the complaints and discovered the smell was coming from the packaging’s glue. So the good news is your kyshadow is safe! The bad news is to get to it, you'll have to break through the packaging first...

It remains unclear whether Kylie Cosmetics have changed the packaging since this flurry of complaints. But if you're still umming and ahhing over whether to just suck it up for the Royal Peach, let the Twittersphere be your guide:

Hmm. On second thoughts, I think I'll politely decline 'bleach and death.' I'll let you know if I change my mind....

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