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Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg’s Gender-Flipped Interview Is Lol

Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg’s Gender-Flipped Interview Is Lol

The Debrief: So what would happen if interviewers asked male celebrities about their manicures?

Ahead of their film American Ultra, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart will be doing a hell of a lot of promo, and you can bet they’re going to be asked a whole bunch of different questions. As in, each of them will be asked the same question over and over, but Kristen will get a whole different set of questions to Jesse. While his will be about what he enjoys doing, hers will be more about beauty upkeep and her personal life.

So they got together to interview each other with the questions the other would normally get in this Funny or Die skit:


As you can see (or maybe can’t see, if you can’t watch it right now), when the gendered questions are flipped, you get to realise how bizarre they are. And as Kristen pries and pries further, Jesse freaks out, explaining: ‘I’m not uncomfortable doing interviews, I just feel like a lot of the questions you’re asking me feel like they’re about things that are not, like, about the movie and it just feels… anyway, it’s not, maybe it’s not my business...

'My question for you is what’s your favourite sports team, which seems so easy compared to being asked if you’re pregnant?’

american ultra

Kristen nods and explains she’s a big Lakers fan, before going on to ask: ‘Did you get your nails done today, we would love to see that, can we get a quick close up of that?’ as a nail-cam, complete with mini red carpet, is taken to Jesse’s side and he has to mumble that he bites his nails.

By the end, Jesse, a bit broken by all the questions, sighs: ‘Now I know what it’s like to be a woman.’

May this send-up be a lesson to every interviewer who wants to ask women the questions they wouldn’t dream of asking men.

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