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Unpicking Kim Kardashian\'s Return To Social Media

Unpicking Kim Kardashian's Return To Social Media

The Debrief: Kim Kardashian's social media return sees her kingdom finally reunited!

It's a New Year and Kim Kardashian is back online. You can literally feel the relief dripping off corporate bosses dying to get their product featured on her feed. 

Like a poisoned chalice, social media is the mechanism that makes and breaks the Kardashian kingdom. Without it, we wouldn't have seen Kim's viral naked selfies or heard her carefully orchestrated exposure of Taylor Swift's lies. However, with it comes Kanye's increasingly regular Twitter feuds and the family's high-security risk. 

When fingers pointed to Kim's constant online activity making her an easy target for her robbery in October in Paris she retreated into an offline world. And, who could blame her? But, for the reign of her kingdom to continue she has been pushed to turn the broadband back on. 

After intermittently appearing on her sisters' social media Kim has returned to her old accounts but as a seemingly new person. The deafening silence wasn't broken with a dog-filtered selfie or pouting nude shot but with a vision of a happy, coddled, unified family. 

As a virtual 'take that' to the milling rumours of a Kimye split, she posted on Instagram and Twitter a photograph of herself with Kanye, North and Saint all dressed in white with the caption, 'family'. Several hours later she tweeted a modest home video of her kingdom to the soundtrack of Jeremih's Paradise. It had the same fingerprints as the raw footage Beyonce's and Jay-Z shared during their 'On The Run' tour.

Like a showreel from the couple's past year, it skimmed over Kanye's reported hospitalisation and Kim's Parisian ordeal instead showing their highlights. It remembered Kanye's Madison Square Garden listening party and Yeezy Season 3 presentation, Saints first steps and his first Chrismas. The montage had a few too real domestic shots like that of Saint vomiting on the floor and North clearing it up. The wholesome two-and-a-half-minute clip fades to a loving image of the couple embracing and in the process putting all those divorce rumours to rest.

Essentially, it's a carefully constructed vision of domestic bliss. The question is, for a family whose external image is so intertwined with excess and the aura of the celebrity does this ring of a new era for the Kardashians?

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