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Kiesza: 'I'll Be Really Honoured If Rihanna Ends Up Doing One Of My Songs'

The Debrief: We caught up with Kiesza to talk the EMAs, Beyoncé and fan girling in front of Daniel Radcliffe.

At the beginning of the year, Canadian-born, London-based singer Kiesa Rae Ellestad, now known to everyone as Kiesza, had an HUGE viral success with her one-take choreographed banger Hideaway. Thankfully, her new album – released on Monday – is every bit as good as Hideaway and is jammed-packed full of ’90s influenced pop bangers. We caught up with her to talk the EMAs, Beyoncé and fan girling in front of Daniel Radcliffe.

The Debrief: Hi, Kiesza, how are you?
Kiesza: Everything is going great, thank you!
DB: Did you have a fun time at the EMA’s?

K: It was such a fun performance! I really enjoyed it and loved the whole EMA experience, both performing and having the chance to meet so many incredible artists backstage. 

DB: Did you meet Nicki Minaj or Ariana Grande?

K: I met Ariana Grande and she was an absolute sweetheart. 
DB: Was it annoying the next day to have your outfit described as ‘raunchy’ or is that just part and parcel of being a female popstar?

K: Haha not at all! I went in this business knowing very well that not everyone will like everything I do. I had so much positive feedback as well and I felt really great about what I was wearing!
DB: Which women in music do you look up to?
K: Beyoncé, Madonna, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sade, Whitney Houston, Robin S, Cece Peniston, Ella Fitzgerald... and honestly the list could keep going.

DB: The past couple of months have been mega for you – is it all still kind of crazy?

K: Yeah it keeps getting more crazy! But I'm enjoying every minute of it and am really grateful to be where I am.

DB: What’s the biggest pinch yourself you must be dreaming moment so far?

K: Performing at Wembley Stadium. I always refer back to videos of Freddie Mercury performing there with Queen for their Live Aid concert. For a moment, when I first stepped onstage to the full stadium, I gasped. It was so surreal. I felt like I was Freddie Mercury. 
DB: Is there anyone you’ve met and been a total nerd fan girl in front of?
K: Daniel Radcliffe.
DB: How did you come by your signature hairdo?

K: I came up with it in one day when I had an itch to give myself a mohawk, but I knew very well that I would regret shaving my hair in the long run. So I did the closest thing I could to a mohawk.
DB: I know you want to release your own fashion line at some point – have you had a chance to think any more about that?

K: Yes! I started by collaborating with a local NYC brand called Bad Bunch NYC. I designed and made my own custom prints for their next season. The designs will be coming out in February.

DB: Obviously you’re an incredible dancer – any tips? When we dance we look a fool.

K: The electric slide is a good sequence to learn. But honestly if you commit 200% to whatever move you're doing and do it will full confidence, everyone will love it regardless.

DB: Some of your songs are probably/maybe going on Rihanna’s upcoming album – how did that come about and how the hell do you go about writing songs that Rihanna’s into?

K: I honestly know about as much as you do. She recorded a few of my songs, but as to whether or not they'll make the album, I can't really say! She records so many songs, so you never know if you made the album until the day the album comes out. I never get my hopes up, but will be really honoured if she ends up doing one of my songs. 

Kieza's album Sound Of A Woman (Deluxe)  is available to buy on iTunes now.

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