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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Are Finally Being Sued For \\\'Exploitative\\\' T-Shirts

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Are Finally Being Sued For 'Exploitative' T-Shirts

The Debrief: The Jenner sisters are faced with a copyright lawsuit after using images of Tupac without permission.

As you all probably know by now, Kendall and Kylie Jenner came under massive fire two weeks ago after releasing a line of ‘vintage’ style t-shirts. The internet blew up pretty much instantly after seeing the disastrous new drop that superimposed the faces of the Jenner sisters on top of images of musical icons such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G and Ozzy Osborne. 

Understandably, Kendall and Kylie faced a swarm of criticism for it. The mother of Notorious B.I.G, Voletta Wallace, lashed out on social media and said the decision to make the t-shirts in the first place was “disgusting and disrespectful”. She claimed that permission was never asked to use the photos and she accused the fashion moguls of exploiting the death of her son for profit.

In response, an apology was released for the “mistake” and after the first batch had sold out, they removed the $125 tees from the line. But sometimes sorry isn’t good enough, and I am pleased to inform you that Kendall and Kylie are finally facing real legal action for their decisions.


I am not sure who told @kyliejenner and @kendalljenner that they had the right to do this.  The disrespect of these girls to not even reach out to me or anyone connected to the estate baffles me.  I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my Son Christopher to sell a t-shirt.  This is disrespectful , disgusting, and exploitation at its worst!!!

A post shared by Voletta Wallace (@volettawallace) on Jun 29, 2017 at 9:31am PDT

A lawsuit was allegedly filed against them by Michael Miller, a renowned celebrity photographer who owned the images of Tupac that were printed across the Kendall + Kylie brand t-shirts. TMZ reports that like Biggie’s mum, Miller was never approached by the Jenners or any of their representatives to ask for the rights to the images, and is now suing both Kendall and Kylie for copyright infringement. He reportedly was never keen to work with the Jenner sisters because of their recent influx of PR disasters (one of the most major being Kendall’s catastrophic Pepsi ad), and he allegedly intends to sue for any profits the Jenners made from the t-shirts. 

This isn’t the first time that the Jenners have been accused of copying the work of artists without permission either. In November last year, Kylie was called out for copping ideas for her beauty range by Vlaga Haggerty, a popular make-up artist on Instagram. She was also accused of stealing a camouflage pattern for her bikini line from a collection designed by Plugged NYC.


Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven't you gotten enough 'inspiration' from me already? Left is a the work @juliakuzmenko, @brittrafuson and I shot a few months ago and right is @kyliecosmetics new campaign.

A post shared by Vlada Haggerty (@vladamua) on Nov 19, 2016 at 8:18pm PST

When you look at all of this, it's not hugely surprising that someone has decided to take legal action against the Jenner sisters - if you're not willing to give credit where it’s due, get some ideas of your own.  

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