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Katy Perry\\\'s Met Gala Tamagotchi Died In A Pretty Brutal Way

Katy Perry's Met Gala Tamagotchi Died In A Pretty Brutal Way

The Debrief: Tamagotchis are for life, not just for the Met Gala

Sure everyone looked nice at the Met Ball but did anyone actually really commit to their costumes in the same way that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry did?

Clare Danes had a nice light up dress, Beyonce wore a latex thing that probably took several bottles of baby oil to get in and out of, but Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom - they really went for it - and took along nostalgia-faves Tamagotchis as their dates.

Orlando sported his Tamagotchi as a brooch on his lapel and Katy wore hers on a chain around her waist. She said it was her 'humble' contribution to the 'tech' theme of the night. In full nostalgia mode, she also tweeted that AOL dial up tone was her theme son.

Sadly though - as is the fate of all Tamagotchis (yours included no doubt), Katy's digi-pet wasn't to last for very long.

Cast your mind back if you will to the mid-90s, when you yourself had a Tamagotchi. As you'll remember, the pets started off as an egg, whic hatched into a little blob, which then became a bigger blob before turning into an animal that wasn't really an animal but kind of vaguely resembled a duck.

Katy Perry's Tamagotchi never got to live it's full life. Because somewhere over the course of the evening, it met a sticky end, with Katy tweeting 'I think my tamagotchi just shat itself to death □□#busy #tech #metgala'

Gutted mate. But totally understandable. Tamagotchis were very annoying TBF.

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