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Katy Perry Just Served Taylor Swift A Proper Burn On Twitter

Katy Perry Just Served Taylor Swift A Proper Burn On Twitter

The Debrief: Yep Katy Perry got in on the Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift debacle and just sent some sweet burns in Taylor's direction

So we’ve all been talking about the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj so-called feud that wasn’t actually a feud, just Taylor Swift wading in on Nicki’s understandable annoyance at the music industry and making it all about her (see the full breakdown here). Now Katy Perry’s waded into the proceedings with one of the most grammatically confusing tweets we’ve read in a long time. But it’s also a bit of a mega-burn.

Firstly, here’s the tweet.

Secondly, I got a 2:1 from Durham University in English Literature which required a lot of textual analysis and missing 9am lectures, the former giving me the authority to break this down:

Who is parading the ‘pit women against other women argument’ about? Taylor Swift, because she jumped in and called Nicki out on being mean to other women when, in fact, Nicki was pissed off because  Anaconda was overlooked for a VMA gong despite it generating so many memes, the internet basically became her arse for a day.

Who is ‘unmeasurably capitalizing on the take down of a woman’? Er, Taylor Swift because Bad Blood (which was, of course, nominated) was about her reported feud with Katy Perry.

Up until now this piece of information was still at ‘probably true but still a rumour’ status (yes, Tay said she’d written the song about another female artist, but she never explicitly named Katy) and has now just been upgraded to ‘facts’ alongside ‘the world is round’ and ‘Drake looks a lot like Craig David in certain lights’.

Then, while everyone was sort of nodding after clambering through her interesting sentence structures, Katy totally knocked it out of the park with exhibit B:

Good point, Perry. Say what you like about Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video, but it deserved some sort of recognition for being the most daring output since… er, Madonna got a tit out? I can’t remember the last time I spoke for half an hour straight about a music video and, sure, I feel like it was probably a bit of shock for shock’s sake, and no I didn’t agree with a lot of it, but you can’t fault Ri-Ri on pushing boundaries. And if that’s not recognised, then something’s gone a bit wrong.

Look, Taylor’s video for Bad Blood was fine, and a lot of fun, but it certainly didn’t set the internet on fire like Rihanna and Nicki’s.

Good point, Katy and no, we shouldn’t get all excited when your claws come out but my god, it’s sort of fun to watch isn’t it?!

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