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Kanye West Glastonbury Petition

Kanye West To Headline Glastonbury, And There's Already A Petition To Try And Stop Him

The Debrief: Reaction on the Internet has been decidedly... mixed

Last night it was announced that Kanye West is set to headline Glastonbury and, as with every time a Glasto headliner is announced, there was a fiercely mixed reaction across social media. If one can describe a mixed reaction as ‘fierce’, that is. Oh, and someone’s even started a petition. 

Last October, tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes for the festival and the Foo Fighters have already been confirmed as the Friday night headliner – with Yeezy now taking Saturday, and the Sunday night act yet to be confirmed.

The announcement actually took Kanye a few hours to realise, as yesterday he was too busy tweeting topless pictures of his wife to notice. 

Now his tweet where he claims to be ‘excited’ (and in his customary HEY GUYS I’D LIKE TO SAY SORRY TO BRUNO MARS HI BRUNO MARS I LOVE YOU MAN capitals) seems to have disappeared off his feed and been replaced with stuff about enjoying Kendrick’s new album (THANK YOU FOR THE VIBRATIONS AND THE SPIRIT).

Reactions among other people who aren’t tweeting nude pics of their wives have been pretty mixed, however. Here’s a cross-section of what the general vibe is around Kanye taking to the stage: 

But some people spoke the voice of, we think, reason:

And of course, the petition. Yes, people have actually started a petition (presumably they dropped over £200 on a ticket and aren’t really into the Foo Fighters either) on named ‘Cancel Kanye West’s slot and get a rock band’.

At the time of writing this, it has amassed around 500 supporters.

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