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Justin Bieber\\\'s Penis: Where Has It Been?

Justin Bieber's Penis: Where Has It Been?

The Debrief: One woman says she had a threesome with the singer, while rumours are hotting up that he's been getting with Kourtney Kardashian!

Justin Bieber might have wormed his way into our hearts via his hit album Purpose, but whose knickers has he wormed his way into?

According to a kiss-and-tell at the weekend, the singer enjoyed a threesome when he was in London. Laura Carter, 30, told The Sun on Sunday that she had been at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball after-party at a club called Tape when Justin’s people called her over to his table. After some schmoozing, she says she ended up at the Rosewood Hotel in his booze-laden suite. Following a game of truth or dare, Justin – Laura says – took a girl to a room in his suite, then got her to join.

According to her: ‘It was amazing and surreal. The lights were off and we started kissing against a wall. When I looked over to the bed there was another girl. I think she was American.’

‘They had clearly been doing something. We got on to the bed and all started fooling around together.’

But the other girl didn’t like sharing Justin’s affections, Laura says, so she left: ‘She didn’t like the fact I was in the situation and left in a strop about 10 minutes in. Justin didn’t go after her. In fact, he seemed more into it, happier, when it was just me and him.’

Sure to stoke the ire/jealousy of the ardent Belibers who’ve been crushing on their idol since well before his music got that cool factor, Laura continued, ‘We just had the most amazing sex. We’d stop for a while and have a cigarette together and a chat. He asked a lot about me and what I did. I told him I couldn’t believe I was there with him and he just laughed and said I was cool.’

Finally, she said, ‘It was a bit cheesy-American, but he did not disappoint. Those naked pictures did not do him justice.’

Putting aside the fact Justin is Canadian for just one moment, the worry here is this could get in the way with what’s said to be a burgeoning relationship with one of the least likely Kardashian-Jenners we'd guess would date Bieber, one Kourtney Kardashian. After photos of them leaving a club together emerged, reports have claimed that they’re hooking up, despite Justin being so much closer in age to Kourtney’s half-sister Kendall Jenner, and having been out with Kendall’s mate Selena Gomez.

Friends have told Gossip Cop that the pair are having something very casual, and that ‘it’s just fun’, but Justin’s rubbed Kourtney’s babydad Scott Disick’s nose in it, uploading a photoshopped image onto Instagram of him seeming to hump a woman over a gorgeous matt black car. The image might be Photoshopped, with the woman being hardly discernible as a woman let alone a specific woman such as Kourtney, but the caption, ‘Lord knows,’ is meant to be a dig at Scott (who styles himself as ‘Lord Disick’), who’s recently headed to rehab after splitting with Kourtney.

Where is Justin Bieber’s penis? Somewhere in his drop-crotch pants, is perhaps the only answer we can give right now.

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