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Justin Bieber\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Penis Is On The Internet

Justin Bieber's Penis Is Internet Famous

The Debrief: Justin Bieber's wang is everywhere. Poor Justin Bieber.

A picture of Justin Bieber’s penis is on the internet. Stop the clocks. Pause whatever you were doing. Today will forever be known as The Day The Internet Broke Because Of Justin Bieber’s Peen (it doesn’t roll off the tongue, sure). 

Pictures of the singer relaxing on holiday with his wang out first appeared on New York Daily News, but his penis was censored. Somehow, somewhere, someone put the uncensored version on Twitter and Armageddon is close to occurring. 

If you think about it though, this wasn’t Justin’s decision, so he must be feeling pretty freaked out right now. Just because he made the choice to go nude on his balcony doesn’t necessarily mean he wanted pictures of his penis plastered all over Twitter. However, when you’re the most famous man on the planet and you get naked, it will happen. 

The internet has responded, as ever, with some memes and also with some methods for covering his dignity. A fair few beliebers are trying to stop the spread of the photo, but a fair few more are being converted to belieberism just by the mere sight of Justin’s penis.

It’s a confusing day for us all and while we won’t be posting the nudes (just like we wouldn’t post leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, or any other star who had their genitals exposed without their consent), we will give you a taster of the Twitter response:   


Poor Justin Bieber. 

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