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Justin Bieber Flicks At Leonardo DiCaprio\'s Man Bun Because He CBA To Grow His

Justin Bieber Flicks At Leonardo DiCaprio's Man Bun Because He CBA To Grow His

The Debrief: Justin seems a little too pissed off at manbuns for someone who appeared to be growing his own just last week...

Guys with long hair get our goat. Why? It’s not that manbuns look silly – we’d much rather a guy tie up his hair than get it in his food while he’s eating – it’s that when they’re bored of the haircut, they can just shave everything off. Without people thinking they're weird or kooky or out-there. Like Zayn Malik. We thought he was growing his bob-worthy hair into shoulder-length silken jet-black locks. But instead he went and shaved all of it off. Same goes for Justin Bieber, who was clearly attempting some sort of grow-out but chickened out/got impatient before the wisps of hair got long enough to tumble below his ears. The solution? He cut it all short again. Easy for him, right?

We wonder if his inability to stick with the grow-out is why he decided to have a little flick of Leonardo DiCaprio’s man bun when they were partying right near each other at Rihanna’s Met Ball afterparty.

We get that Leo would be there – he’s meant to be dating Rihanna – and why Justin would be there – he’s just very well connected – but why they’d be near each other less than a year after an altercation in Ibiza, when Leo’s mate Orlando Bloom socked Justin around the face for making comments about his ex-wife Miranda Kerr? Not sure. Either way, Justin looks very pleased with himself on the video footage, uploaded to Tyga’s Snapchat. If you want to see it, along with an explanation of the complicated web of celebrity friendships and dating, then watch the video below:

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