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Jon Snow\\\\\\\'s Cape Is Actually An IKEA Rug

Jon Snow's Game Of Thrones Cape Is Actually An IKEA Rug

The Debrief: IKEA rugs were used for the capes of the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones

In the midst of recent episode spoilers and script leaks, there is yet more inside info from Game of Thrones that has been revealed (no spoilers). 

Multiple Emmy award winner Michele Clapton, who was head costume designer for the first five seasons of the show gave a talk at the famous Getty Museum in LA where she discussed the influence medieval art has on GoT’s costumes.  At the talk, one behind the scenes bit of info she divulged stood out: she made the Night’s Watch capes out of … IKEA RUGS. 

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The talk took place last year but the information has just been resurrected and the internet is going crazy. Michele points at an image of Jon Snow on the screen at the presentation and simply states, 'These capes are actually IKEA rugs.' This comes as quite a surprise considering the show has a reported budget of $10 million per episode. Even IKEA have responded, with one ‘spokesperson’ from the Swedish store telling the Metro how ‘flattered’ they are that their rugs have made an appearance in the show. 

The full talk is below, with the rug chat being around 27:30 minutes in. 


So, do you wanna know how to turn your rug into a cape? Well, the rugs weren’t just strewn across Jon Snow in their natural form, Michele told the audience at the Getty Museum that she carried out a process to age it and make it look all old and worn called ‘breakdown’. 

What is breakdown? 

The ‘breakdown’ low-down: The breakingdown process of costumes is a necessity in pretty much all historical and fantasy costumes. Distressing of the fabrics of the materials is essential to give them a faded, worn, or damaged look and this can be done in a variety of ways… and can even be done with a cheese grater (apparently).   

Unfortunately, the exact model of IKEA rug is unknown, though here are the closest matches.

Get your cheese graters ready if you want a smashing Halloween costume this year! 

Video Courtesy of Getty Museum YouTube. 

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