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Christmas Miracles Do Come True, J.K Rowling Is Working On Two New Novels

Christmas Miracles Do Come True, J.K Rowling Is Working On Two New Novels


How’s this for a Christmas miracle – J.K. Rowling is working on not one but TWO new novels. Did you hear that?? Harry Potter author, Twitter comeback queen J.K Rowling is currently working on two brand spranking new books for all of us. 2016 just got a whole lot better, thank you. 

How do we know this fantastic news? She announced it on Twitter, obviously. When asked by a Sharon Piper ‘when do we get a new novel? I happen to love the magic of your words. (us too babes, us too), J.K Rowling responded ‘I’m working on it (literally). 

Praise be the Christmas Gods, we have a two new novels to look forward to, and by look forward too we mean obsess over. 

One will be written under her own name, and one as Robert Galbraith – which if you didn’t know is a pseudonym for J.K Rowling. I just spelt out the word pseudonym to our deputy editor Jess because I couldn’t pronounce it. Fantastic work Alyss. 

She even gave us a teeny insight into how she works when writing. This is wonderful wonderful news and now you can all leave work for Christmas safe in the knowledge that we will soon have more magic in our lives. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL. 

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