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J.K Rowling Responds Perfectly To \\\'Pure Breed\\\' Comment From Donald Trump\\\'s Aide

J.K Rowling Responds Perfectly To 'Pure Breed' Comment From Donald Trump's Aide

The Debrief: J.K Wins On Twitter, Yet Again.

If you aren’t following JK Rowling on Twitter already, sort it out pronto. When she’s not defending Serena Williams from sexist trolls, like so…



Or calling Harry Potter amateurs out for their misspelling of ’Slytherin’, she’s using her social media prowess to spread the word of the dangers of the world’s powerful ‘dark wizards’. Namely, Donald Trump.


In December, J.K gained some serious attention for this very controversial comparison regarding the US presidential candidate, following his suggestion to ban Muslim immigration to the US.



Now she’s taken the HP metaphors to the next level with her latest response to Donald Trump’s national spokesperson. A mysterious Tweet resurfaced on the Twittersphere this week, originally posted in 2012 by Trump’s PR which highlighted the questionable nature of certain aspects of the Trump campaign…





As expected, the internet almost exploded and fired off a load of disgusted responses (as well as a fair few lols). The winner? J.K Rowling, obvs.



In case you’re not a Harry Potter fan (what is wrong with you!?), Death Eaters is the collective name for Lord Voldemort’s followers. And if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, Lord Voldemort is the evil, awful weird-faced wizard guy in the series who hated non pure-bloods (aka Muggles). 

Magical sorting hats off to you, J.K….

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