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JK Rowling Gives Fan The Awesome Gift Of A Tattoo

JK Rowling Gives Fan The Awesome Gift Of A Tattoo

The Debrief: As If We Didn’t Already Adore The Creator Of Harry Potter, for you know.. creating Harry Potter

JK Rowling performed the most beautiful act for one lucky fan this week, providing her with what we can now refer to as ‘tattoo goals’.

A huge fan of the Potter series, Kate tweeted JK a long photo message and along with it wrote ‘it doesn't take long to read, I promise’. Within the paragraph to Rowling, Kate explains how she continues to battle her demons, previously suffering sexual abuse, self-harm and attempted suicide.

As if we needed more reasons to adore JK, the author responded to Kate much to the fans surprise and said ‘I love that you're working to heal and protect yourself. You deserve this. I hope it helps.’ The lucky fan not only received words of encouragement from Rowling but she also wrote out the words ‘Expecto Petronum’ on a piece of paper. And as all Potter fans know that these were the famous two words that dispersed the dementors when Harry was on his last legs.

Kate’s bio which reads, ‘Hogwarts is my home.’ is using the handwritten note from Rowling to get a tattoo to on her wrist, where she claims to cut herself the most. She frequently refers to the author as her strength and has said that Rowling is her favourite author. Not crying. NOT CRYING!

Although the image was tweeted to Kate on the world wide web, she assures everyone that it’s totally okay to copy her tattoo idea and hopes it will help with other people too.

Have a look at the heartwrenching interaction:

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