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Jennifer Lopez Is Being Sued For ‘Tarnishing Women’s Honour’ By Being Too Sexy

Jennifer Lopez Is Being Sued For ‘Tarnishing Women’s Honour’ By Being Too Sexy

The Debrief: According to Moroccan law, the singer could face up to two years in prison.

Apparently, the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is just too hot to handle, at least for one education group based in Morocco. The organisation is suing the singer for being ‘too sexy’ during a performance at last month’s Mawazine Festival, in the country’s capital city of Rabat. They allege that she ‘tarnished women’s honour’ and ‘disturbed public order’ during the televised concert, which was watched by two million viewers.

J. Lo has performed in Morocco before, but this was apparently her first TV appearance in the north African nation. The concert was reportedly a typical Jennifer Lopez performance, featuring ‘singing, dancing, slinky bodysuits and plenty of rump-shaking shenanigans’. That all sounds great to us, but what do we know?

Morocco’s minister of communication, Mustafa Khalfi, tweeted his disapproval of the performance. ‘What was broadcast was unacceptable and goes against the broadcast law,’ he stated. Despite this, many people are calling for his resignation as they hold him responsible for allowing it to air.

Both Jennifer and the promoter who organised the event are being sued. It’s unlikely the star will actually be found guilty, but if she is the crime carries a penalty of up to two years in prison. 

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