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Jennifer Lawrence To Earn More Than Male Co-Star But There's A Catch

Jennifer Lawrence To Earn More Than Male Co-Star But There\\\\\\\'s A Catch

The Debrief: The Hollywood pay gap lives on...

Jennifer Lawrence will be paid a whopping $8 million (£5.1m) more than her male co-star on her next film, Passengers.

There’s a catch, though. Jennifer, international film-seller who’s won an Oscar and headed up the hugely successful Hunger Games franchise will get $20 million (£12m) for the film. And Chris Pratt, who’s only ever been one star in an ensemble cast (eg Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) will get $12 million (£7.6 m).

Jennifer will also make 30% of the box office take on the film, says The Hollywood Reporter, but you do wonder whether she would be earning the same as Chris if he was an Oscar-winning big box office draw in the same way she is. After all, his pay packet has just been bumped up because of Jurassic World and yes, while the world seems a little obsessed with him, something tells us it’s still a load more obsessed with Jennifer.

Hollywood has a big problem with women. Not only do they give them crappy storylines ‘here, play the mother/daughter/love interest of a lead character, or a victim! Or maybe you can play someone’s mum when you’re just a few years older than him? Or perhaps you can be, like, 20, and be the love interest of a 60-year-old?’, but they pay actual IRL women less than men. Yes, that is on top of the fact that only 6% of directors are women, and yes, it’s all interconnected.

Jennifer Lawrence earning more than a less experienced male co-star is just the beginning – let’s see how much she earns next time she’s put next to a bona fide leading man.

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