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Jennifer Lawrence is The Top Grossing Actor Of 2014, Here's Why It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nicer Girl

The Debrief: In Which We Dissect Why Jlaw Basically Owned 2014

JLaw is pretty incredible; this year alone she made that incredible statement post her leaked pictures, took her BFF to the Oscars, launched a pop career, oh and asked JLo to dance. And let’s not forget that awesome new undone bob she’s been rocking recently. If you hadn’t figured it out yet she’s one of our all time most favourite people.

But Jen’s not finished with 2014 yet, with three days to go till 2015, news hit that she is also 2014’s top grossing actor according to Forbes.

And it’s thanks to her run of block busting films; including X-Men and Mockingjay, that have brought in a combined $1.4billion at the box office.

Others actors who made the top five top grossers (it's weird word, we know) include Chris Pratt, Scar Jo, Marky Mark Walberg and Chris Evans.

Now if you are anything like us you’ll be feeling fairly skint post xmas pressie shopping (or the reality: hitting the sales far too hard from your sofa). So reading about Hollywood's billions isn’t exactly LOL inducing - but we heart Jennifer so much that we are still million per cent happy for her, no matter how many baked bean dinners are coming our way come January.

We’ve just got just one question - any chance you can you lend us a fiver Jen?

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