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Jennifer Lawrence Debuts Her Singing Voice, And It Wasn't What We Expected

The Debrief: Plug the headphones in now, Jlaw Is getting vocal

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t like doing promo. Despite giving great quotes all the time, she recently admitted: ‘If I had a choice, you wouldn’t hear me express myself except in movies.’

However, she’s got to express herself, because she’s contractually obliged to by her starring role in The Hunger Games. So now she’s doing the rounds, having chats with interviewers, and generally giving out all the amazing soundbites she’s famous for.

But she’s gone above and beyond the call of duty with her latest interview on Letterman, wilfully destroying Have A Holly Jolly Christmas (it’s big in America) with her dulcet tones.

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Why, I hear you ask, is she doing this over a month before Christmas? Well, Jennifer has to sing in the new instalment of The Hunger Games. Something she didn’t want to subject people to: ‘[I had to sing] the hanging tree, which is somewhere I felt like going to.’

When asked if she had heard it, she replied: ‘I still haven’t heard it… But everyone’s told me that it’s me [singing] because I was like, can you guys get Lorde to really sing it and [I] lipsync. And they said “No, it’s really your voice.”’

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She also sweetly explained that the reason she discovered her ‘tone-deaf Amy Winehouse voice’ was because her mum was just really encouraging of all of Jennifer’s skills, no matter how, er, questionable they were: ‘I have a Southern mother that told me I was amazing at everything and I can do everything – but I can’t.’


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But don't let this put you off seeing the film. We think Jennifer might be purposefully putting on a silly voice in this clip, as the one person in The Debrief office lucky enough to have already watched Mockingjay: Part 1 says Jennifer’s real singing voice is ‘breathy and very nice’. In fact, giving us another reason why we can’t wait to see it!

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