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Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing Tells Us About Getting In Bed With Pamela Anderson

The Debrief: The new episode of In Bed With Jamie features none other than Pamela Anderson.

Jamie Laing is the sunshine emoji. There we said it. From his bright hair to his bright idea of gifting his girlfriend Frankie Gaff a wardrobe for Christmas, he is a grand hunk of human we want to spend all our Monday evenings gazing at.

So of course, we nearly spat out our Skinny Prosecco over our nice new sweater Auntie Sue bought us, when we SAW THIS. 

Jamie Laing and Pamela Anderson. In bed. Kissing. We knew 2016 was an odd one, but we never could predict this. Even after 4 G&T's and a brainstorm sesh initiated by Crazy Steve from Marketing. 

'I shared a bed with her and got butt-naked.' Jamie tells The Debrief. SORRY WHAT. 

Oh soz, we didn't give you much context there did we. This is a bit like when we told our mum we were pregnant but forgot to mention it was with a brie baguette. The new episode of Jamie Laing's hilariously funny show 'In Bed With Jamie' features Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson.

If you didn't already know, the show centres around Jamie Laing asking celebrities the questions people won't dare ask. Oh and in a bed. Jamie explains, 'The notion of the show is that I ask people questions where they feel comfortable.' 

Back on the subject of Baywatch babes. 'She was going to draw me naked.' he tells us wistfully. 'Oh and she's a Glass blower! Did you know that?!' 

Pamela Anderson is a Glass Blower. Can we just take a moment? So niche. 

'If I was single [I would] because she's the hottest, coolest chick ever right? I don't think I'm man enough.' Jamie says sadly, 'Women never say they want a man who's blonde and short, do they?' We do Jamie :( Stop. :(

'She told me she always wears heels in bed, it's the last thing she takes off and first thing she puts back on. I mean, how sexy?'

What. A. Babe. 

Catch In Bed With Jamie At Christmas on 26th December on E4 at 10pm

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