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J K Rowling Wins At Twitter (Again) After Ex-Fan Threatens To Burn Harry Potter Books

J K Rowling Wins At Twitter (Again) After Ex-Fan Threatens To Burn Harry Potter Books

The Debrief: Burn baby burn

In response to Trump’s controversial Muslim travel ban, J.K Rowling dug out an old 2015 tweet from Mike Pence, which read: ‘Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S are offensive and unconstitutional.’  Because in case you didn't know, Rowling not only writes best-selling fantasy novels, but she also has a successful political Twitter voice. 

Some fans, well now ex-fans, did not like this, with one tweeting: ’@jk_rowling just burned all my Harry Potter books after being a fan for 17 years. The Phils Stone was one of the first books I EVER read. I’m upset it has to be that way. You embarrassed me, disgusted me, and I will never read your work again #ThankYouFor17Years.’

Not one to let a tweet slide, J.K Rowling responded ‘ Guess it’s true that they say: you can lead a girl to books about the rise and fall of an autocrat,but you still can’t make her think.’ I mean she basically just called President Donald Trump Lord Voldemort…right? 

Another Twitter user then told her they were going to ‘burn your books and movies too.’ Rowling’s response? Burn baby burn. 

Is there ever a moment when J.K Rowling isn’t sat ready with a comeback to trolls? I like to think she has an alert on her phone when someone’s acting like a douche because obviously she doesn’t have time to scroll through her mentions on Twitter all day, does she? Perhaps it plays the Harry Potter theme tune, sped up. While we reflect over these tweets let us all make a mental note to never ever Twitter piss J.K Rowling off. 

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